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Anonymous asked: If I submit the map of my town, will you help outline paths for me? I'm hopeless.

No sorry, you should ask someone else or post it on your blog (make sure you add acnl tags, so other people could see your post and help you).

Anonymous asked: I already looked through the majority of the tags for this path and I still haven't found it. The path is a light grey brick/marble (I don't know the difference) and on the border it has a double ended swirl that looks a lot like a fancy 'S'. If you have any memory of re blogging or tagging something like this, could you point me in the right direction. Thanks! :)

 I don’t think I have seen it before. If I had then I would have correctly placed into the ‘marble’ tag. Sorry. >:

Anonymous asked: -grass anon- It was like dark and light green striped vertically. But thick stripes; one dark side and one light side.

ah it should be in the garden section though, hm..
I forgot what website I obtain it from, but you should be able to recongize the style if you come across other paths.

Anonymous asked: I would love to have your Galaxy Path N (the cross) turned 180 degrees so that I can use it for my town flag. I just love the design!!!!!

I didn’t make it, please click through the notes and it display the original creator.

Anonymous asked: I asked about this before but you never answered so I figure you didn't get it. In the pictures of the paths that you made yourself there is a path in the background of a varying shades of brown cobblestone-like path. I've searched your blog for it but cannot find it anywhere, do you know what it is? I'd like to have it for my town. Thanks ~

It’s in the tile section.. The one with little blocks of brown stones right?

Anonymous asked: Hey, I was in your dream town and I liked the grass pattern by the cafe. It isn't in the grass section of your blog. Do you know where I could find it? It's pretty nice.

I misplaced my game, so I don’t remember what the grass look like. Haha
If you could describe it to me, then I’ll try to remember..

Anonymous asked: is acnlpaths@instagram your account?

lol no. I don’t have an instagram.

Anonymous asked: Whenever something is placed on my paths (like the fortune teller's tent), they disappear. Is there any way to fix this?

Unfortunately, no.

Anonymous asked: What can I do to stop the paths already on the ground changing when I replace the design or just delete it completely?

The paths will always change when you place or delete it. The game is designed like this, and there’s not much we can do.

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