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Anonymous asked: In the last water qr code you posted there's a cosmo red and pink brick path in the background do you know if you can find that one?

Look through the ‘Credit’, it will redirect to the original creator’s blog and you can find it there.

Anonymous asked: dark colored paths that match falls grass color?

Sorry, I no longer help find specific paths request! Hence, I do not have time for anymore.

So for everyone, please stop asking this type of specific question. I’m sure there are plenty of paths on the blog! :]

Hello everyone!
Sorry if I haven’t updated in such a long time. Ever since college started, I’m constantly busy or tired. Hopefully, I will find a time to update with more paths. If you see any or recommend a paths you’ve found, please feel free to submit via link on the submission page. Thanks! :]

Anonymous asked: I hate to be a bother, but it remember scanning a bridge pathway, but I can't find the other parts to it. Do you recall re blogging a bridge pathway piece? If not, I'm sorry I wasted your time.

I’m unsure, this is a very broad information.
So I wouldn’t know, and therefore I cannot help. D:

Anonymous asked: If I submit the map of my town, will you help outline paths for me? I'm hopeless.

No sorry, you should ask someone else or post it on your blog (make sure you add acnl tags, so other people could see your post and help you).

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