Do you have or help me find "so-and-so" paths?
Please look at the tag section. I don't really have time to hunt and scroll through myself. If it's not there, then I might try to find it somewhere else and post it up.

Why are the pictures so small on the blog?
It's small because it's easier to scan through. To enlarge the picture, you simply click on the image. It will enlarge it for you and It would not redirect you to any other pages. You can simply click it again, and it will go away.

When I save my design with Mabel and then replace the one in my inventory, all the previous paths change to the newly replaced design. Why?
I don't know really why, but that's how the game is designed. So whatever you replace a new design, the other patterns you laid down will also be replace.

I only have 10 limited paths! How do you get more paths in town?
The only way around to have more paths in your town is to add new characters in the town.

By adding new characters (use it as a mule); you need to go to the menu and click the “New Save File". (Do not worry, it does not restart your town.) There, you will be directed to the train station again. You will be ask the same questions by Rover as you did the beginning of the game when you started. The newly character is similar like you started, however it does not have the mayor benefits. Instead, it will be a villager. However, you have to restart the process of talking to Able again in order to use the sewing machine.

Do you know is there is a way for someone to come to come to your town and lay down paths?
No, it is not possible.

Hi! I'm new at laying paths. Where did you begin with and how did you do it? thanks

Hmm. I can’t really explain things well so forgive me. >_< I don’t remember what I did, but I’ll try to remember

First off, I think I started from the train station and work my way connecting it to buildings and bridges. (Start using paths without the complex borders, so you have an idea of the layout) When there are trees in the way, I simply just chop it down and continue working up from there. I also want to leave some empty space, so I can put flowers or future projects. Once I am comfortable with the path, then I start replacing it with complex design. Also I use a mule character to add other paths as well, such as grass and gardens stuff. I like making little parks with theses and making it nice.

I can’t really do the layout designs on top of my head, so I look around for inspiration online. If you want to see my progress and get some inspiration then you can go to my dream. My dream code is 5800-2117-4529. I really advise you to go other people’s dream to see how they set up their paths. Other dream towns are super amazing!! It will really help a lot!

Is there a faster or an efficient way to lay down paths?
Absolutely! I found a helpful guide by hayleyhail@tumblr.

Do you have any paths that would look good diagonally?
I'm not sure, perhaps try using single tiles paths?
Something like:
path - no path - path (1st row)
no path - path - no path (2nd row)
Should I be worried that I can't put paths by the entrance of the train station, only like 2 blocks away?
No, you shouldn’t be. This happens to everyone.
"hinatahino said: its because the block in front of all the doors needs another space to be considered an entrance!"

How to prevent new villagers from moving on paths?
You have to do the reset method. (Must do this after 6AM)

Do not start with your main character.
First off, you create a new character.
Do not complete with the task with Isabelle yet!!
After you create your character, you can roam around and find the plot of land.
If you are not happy where the villagers moving in, you can simply reset the game without saving.
Repeat the process until you are satisfied.
Save with the new character, and you can delete them afterward.

How to make paths?
Guide Here
What's your Dream Code?
My Dream Code: 5800-2117-4529
(Sorry if my town sucks. lol)
What's your Friend Code?
Sorry, I do not provide my Friend Code.
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